Could not ask for more

Having lived in Chattanooga the past three years of my life, I have not had the opportunity to visit Nashville as often as I would like. The occasional weekend trip or the pass through to my grandparents house in Paris, TN was all the time I had to spend in Music City. However, just those few seconds spent winding through the interstate in downtown Nashville, I always allotted myself a few seconds to glance over and catch sight of the city skyline; the skyline that played host to the heart of music.

What really makes Nashville “Music City” is the passion of its people for music. People care not only about the preservation of music, but also the progression. In Nashville, people are not afraid to take out of the ordinary music and put it out there for people to judge. This city thrives on its versatility; but it is also renowned because it respects where music began.

I was beyond excited when I snagged an internship for PR at Music City Roots. Not only was I going to be able to promote what I love, I was going to be able to do it in a city where people had an unbelievable thirst for it.

The people involved with Music City Roots just want to spread the joy of music. The show combines traditional bluegrass and Americana with a forward thinking edge, which was not something I had prepared myself for. My first week as an intern, I was astonished by the following- every age was present and everyone was enjoying themselves. I found myself lost in the strumming banjos and the ambiance of the crowd.

I knew then that this summer would be a great one. It would be filled with new faces, unmatched talent, and wonderful opportunities. All of my MCR teammates had the same passion for music and its unbelievable effects on the human spirit. An intern couldn’t ask for more.

Cody Mohon